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I Probably Deleted Your Email

Sorry about that.

But as an online business owner, you’ll soon find that you’re also getting dozens or even hundreds of emails a day.

Some of them are from people with genuine questions or feedback, which of course I like to receive.

But many others I usually just delete at first glance.

I want to make it clear that I check every single email I get. And sometimes I even reply to them.

But most of the time, I quickly glance at an email and then promptly hit the delete button without even bothering to read the rest of it.

Why would I commit such a heinous crime, day after day?

Well, here’s a few reasons…

  • There’s no point to their message. Or it’s lost somewhere in translation from their story about taking their cat to the vet or eating food that tastes like wet cardboard.
  • Asking questions that I’ve already answered many times before.
  • No paragraphs, grammar, or “readability”… Come on, it’s not that hard to put a few commas and returns, is it?
  • Looks like spam, or some iteration of that delicious canned meat.
  • And so on…

Now, I know you’re already saying, “Jordan, why the hell would I care why you delete emails?”

Here’s why you should care: If you’re doing email marketing (like every online business owner worth their salt should be doing), and doing some of the above, then your list is probably ignoring your emails too.

And a having a subscriber who doesn’t bother to read your emails is about as useful as a fart in an elevator.

A subscriber who doesn’t bother to read your emails won’t bother to buy anything from you either.

So learn how to write good emails, and never have to deal with the mental anguish of having them ignored again.

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