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Psycho Couple Kills 3

I recently met a couple called Ace (Anastasia) and Rich.

When I first came into contact with them, I raised my eyebrows and backed away from the screen slowly.

They were just so damn bubbly and excited all the time (unlike my grumpy self when I haven’t had my coffee yet). It was weird, and I thought they were a bit psycho at first.

But then I hopped on a hot seat coaching call with them, and they murdered 3 common myths about online marketing.

Holy cow!

Here they are…

1. More traffic = more dosh

The more eyeballs you have on your site or offer, the better the chance that you’ll sell something, right?


Let me put it this way, if you’ve really got a hankering for a lobster dinner, are you going to chuck a massive net in the ocean in a random spot? Fish up whales, sharks, sea snails, and maybe the odd lobster?

Or are you going to find out where the lobsters hang out and mosy on over there with a couple of little lobster traps instead?

Same deal in marketing. Targeted traffic is what you want.

2. Ranking on Google is your #1 priority

Most newbies (myself included) started out spending all their time trying to rank first on Google searches.

Basic SEO is important, sure.

But spending all your time on it will put you in a world of hurt, for not much return. It’s not worth the time and effort.

3. You should put a pretty banner on your emails

After all, you want to look like a legitimate business to your fans, right?

Wrong, wrong, wrong.

In the words of Jon Benson (father of the video sales letter), HTML templates are…


“Satan’s sex toys.”


Would you send an email like that to your best friend? If not, chuck it in the bin where it belongs.

If these myths struck a chord with you, odds are you like the idea of using the internet as massive leverage. I joined the same system as Ace and Rich.

As a fellow marketer, you also can to:

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Talk soon,