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About Me


My name is Jordan Mortimer, an online marketer, entrepreneur, and property investor.

Since 2014, I have poured my efforts into learning about the best ways to earn money online and create a sustainable income.

I am truly passionate about tapping into the unlimited potential the internet offers to create a thriving online business.


So you want to know a bit more about me?

I’m happy to oblige! I am currently living in Perth, Western Australia. I am an avid surfer and beach goer and have a love of travel and new knowledge.

My journey on the internet has not been an easy one. The online world is full of scammers and crooks, who think only of the best ways to part you with your hard-earned money.

In my hunt to find a legitimate way of earning money online, I was taken in by a scam and lost thousands of dollars in the process. It is truly a horrible and gut-wrenching feeling to suffer.

The one positive of my experiences is that I am now much wiser for it. Due diligence is something you become VERY serious about after being scammed.

Through meticulous research, I have come across proven systems through which you can create a real income online.

If you ever need feedback or support regarding your online business, I would be very happy to connect and provide any help I can.

Feel free to drop a comment below, and be sure to visit my site regularly, as I am always updating it with tips, ideas, and insight that I know you will find helpful!

Thanks for stopping by.

To Our Mutual Success,