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Stop Flashing Your Privates At People

Whipping out your “private parts” to another person


Let me tell you the story of how I am flashed constantly.

One of the main blunders I see people make when selling to people online, particularly strangers, is trying to do so without making people comfortable with them first.

They might know every other trick under the sun for getting attention or generating leads but fall short on the conversion side.

That, or they don’t know a thing and just randomly spam their links at people (usually without even bothering to say hi first). It used to bug me, now I just feel sorry for them.

An analogy that marketing authorities use a lot is that you need to date someone before you marry them first.

So let’s use that old dating analogy, which brings me back to my definition above.

Trying to sell something to someone without making it comfortable for them first is akin to wandering up to a stranger, flipping out your best bits and waiting for their reaction.

It’s what people do when they:

  • Don’t know how to approach people who might be interested in them as a person (i.e. don’t know targeted traffic).
  • Don’t know how to suavely get their phone number (i.e. don’t know how to generate leads).
  • Don’t know how to build a comfortable relationship with that person over funny stories, shared interests and bringing value to their lives (i.e. don’t know how to follow up).


Just flash their private parts at another person and see what happens.

Anyway, it might get you a cheap thrill. But it won’t pay your bills.

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